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About Us: 420 LocalsAbout us at 420 Locals

420 Locals goal is to help you meet others in your area who also like to partake in smoking cannabis. There are millions of people from all over the entire world who smoke pot, share similar interests and enjoy the things that you enjoy. This about us page is to inform people about mj dating.

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This site is here to give all the people in the world an online avenue to meet people who smoke green. Just like you do. Since there are more and more states legalizing marijuana and more people being accepting of pot, there are more and more people joining 420 locals. There are Millions of 420 friendly users in our database. If you think I’m wrong, then go see for yourself. Local 420 Profiles. If you would like to know more about us, please make sure to browse the rest of the site of you can contact me

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If you haven’t hooked up with a girl who smokes pot. I’m telling you, you’re missing out. They are so laid back and always willing to please, especially if you have some dank shit to smoke her out with.. and yes sorry guys, it’s your responsibility to smoke your hottie out.

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  • For Girls Who 420 –

Do you hate how stupid guys can be? Well finding one who smokes pot is only going to make it worse. Guys who smoke pot are silly dumbasses usually.. but hey they’ll make you laugh right? Ok ok, jk ladies. Guys who smoke pot are usually more laid back and more insightful. You can cuddle up next to your dude all day, if you get him high first 😉

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Don’t get left in the stone age with all the conservative goofballs. Meet a hot guy or girl to hang out with and smoke. Smoking is always more fun when you have someone else do 420 with. I hope you find this site useful and you meet the hot guy or girl of your dreams to connect with. If you have any questions, comments of concerns about this about us page please contact me.