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Do you wish to meet more Local people who smoke weed? Are you tired of smoking alone or the same old loser friends? Well, then 420 dating is perfect for you. You can create a completely free, easy to sign up, and convenient profile. Here at 420 Dating we want to provide people who smoke marijuana a place to meet people like them. 420 dating is for people who want to meet somebody who they can laugh with, flirt with, have fun with, have sex with and smoke with. You can just find hot hookups or you can find a real connection.

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If you smoke pot and you’ve been with somebody who doesn’t smoke, then you know how much that sucks. You can’t be yourself, they’re always nagging the fuck out of you. It’s really annoying when you have to put on a front with the person you’re supposed to be with. I’ve been there, I would know. I’ve dated girls who made me feel like a piece of shit because I some times, every now and then like to have a joint. I don’t get why the hell people can’t just accept that pot isn’t a big deal.

So, it makes sense why you would want to meet somebody who smokes pot also. They are usually more likely to let you be yourself. People who smoke pot are scientifically proven to be more understand, insightful and peaceful. Let’s just admit it.. girls who smoke pot are just hot as hell too!


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Now days hot girls aren’t scared of being out with the fact that they smoke 420. It’s become the norm and kind of cool. Girls who smoke pot are usually more understanding, outgoing, sexy and fun. It’s just the hoenst to god truth. Find yourself a hottie who smokes pot and likes to go with the flow. I promise it will make your life a lot more chill.

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You ever had sex with a girl after smoking out for awhile? It’s amazing, I highly suggest it.

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Meet Hot Local Guys who want to hookup with hot girls in the area. They love to smoke pot and have fun with girls who like the good stuff. Have fun tonight and meet a hot 420 friendly guy.

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